Athletic line

The line of insoles Athletic comes from the specific study of balance between unloading areas and support areas.
The supports Soft and Light Floor, along with fabric Fast Dry and rigid support Strong Stability, guarantee maximum comfort of the foot, while the micro-shock and impact absorbing BUFFER® membrane prevents and reduces microtrauma injuries, allowing a better sport performance.
The latest insoles developed in the Equilibrium series, with the base in Eva Floor, follow the morphology of the foot to support it in the correct natural position, improving posture and stability.
Ideals for all sport.


Deep heel cup to stabilize foot movements

STABILIZER is an insole that welcomes the heel with a wide and deep cup and supports all the tarsal area with a rigid support.

Stabilizes the foot movement during sports. Reduces stress that can be spread on the feet, ankles and knees.

Ideal for all sports.


Light and versatile, for each type of shoe
The fabric FAST DRY keeps the foot dry
Deep heel cup
Washable and reusable

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36|37 38|39 40|41 42|43 44|45

Gel and arch support for better sports performance

ANTISHOCK is a bump absorbing insole with two gel pads and with a high rigid support of the plantar arch.

Absorbs heel and metatarsal’s shocks. Supports the plantar arch. Prevents cramps and pains cause by foot's stress.

Ideal for all sports.


Light and versatile, for each type of shoe
The fabric FAST DRY keeps the foot dry
Antishock GEL WAVE
Washable and reusable

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36|37 38|39 40|41 42|43 44|45 46|48

Flexible support and shock absorption for maximum foot comfort

COMFORTABLE presents a soft material and two gel pads to absorb the impact in a natural way. Absorbs heel and metatarsal’s shocks.

Follows in a natural way the whole foot in every movement. Reduces the feeling of fatigue.

Ideal for all sports.


Light and versatile, for each type of shoe
The fabric FAST DRY keeps the foot dry
Antishock GEL WAVE
Washable and reusable

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36|37 38|39 40|41 42|43 44|45 46|48

MEMORY foam insole with gel antishock heel support

MEMORY FOAM is perfect for every day and for those who are long-standing.

Dampens the shock of the joints of the body.

Relieves fatigue.

Ideal for all sports.


Comfortable, ergonomic and indeformable
The fabric FAST DRY keeps the foot dry
Heel Antishock GEL WAVE
Washable and reusable

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899000103 Man
899000100 Woman


Man / Woman

No Vibes, Good Vibes

IMPACT FREE is a BUFFER® membrane insole for maximum protection from shocks and vibrations caused by the impact of the foot with the ground at every step. It has specific and unique shock and vibration absorption characteristics.

IMPACT FREE uses material developed in synergy with one of the most technologically advanced US industries in the study and application of aerospace materials.

It is an elastomer, which is characterized by a different viscoelasticity from the one in use for the traditional insole, which gives a particular and high capacity to absorb and disperse micro-shocks and impacts. This particular material was developed in the 1980s in industry to mitigate the effects of vibration generated by heavy machinery.

Some of its first applications were in the Duomo metro station in Milan, some racing cars and high-speed trains. Due to the many positive effects on the human body, at the beginning of the 2000s, the first civil applications have appeared and since then technology research has increasingly sharpened the characteristics of the material and extended its scope of use.

Absorbs over 90% of micro-shocks on osteocartilaginous structures and on the musculoskeletal system.

IMPACT FREE absorbs more than 90% of the impact energy when the foot hits the ground during normal running, according to the ASTMRF1614-C (Flat Surface Impact Test, Single Drop — 8.5 kg mass, 1.0 m/s Velocity) test.
The scientific tests confirm the performance of the BUFFER® membrane that has been observed and studied to date by our homemade in-house tests.

We have carried out two kinetic and biomechanical testing with precision accellerometers which analyse an athlete and the interaction of the materials acting on him during a particular event (e.g. the stresses arising from the impact of the rifle on the body of the affected entity).

Stabilizes support and optimizes energy consumption.

In the sports sector, removing vibration partly absorbs the impulsive force and this should lead to a lower performance.

On the other hand, however, this does not happen because IMPACT FREE, by stabilizing the support, balance the reduction of the ground contact time with the increase in the push phase, leaving unchanged the performance in those running or moving with foot’s full support.

Prevents inflammation and fatigue.

During our daily or sports activities, our body is continuously urged by forces deriving from the impact between the ground and feet. The forces are transmitted to our body through the contact points with shoe soles.

The lack of reliable and effective prevention causes the occurrence of numerous joint inflammatory diseases such as, among the most common, joint pain (feet, knees, hips, back, cervical), plantar fasciitis (plantar fascia inflammation), Achille tendon (inflammation of the Achille tendon), tendinitis (inflammation of the tendons), heel spur (small bone spur which is formed along the joint margins of bones subjected to chronic erosion and irritation process), periostitis (inflammation of the belt surrounding the muscles of the leg in the insertion area of the lower and internal edge of the tibia), talalgia (acute pain in the heel area). It also leads to an early depletion of energy (fatigue) both during individual activity, tendering or training and in the longer term seasonal performance.

Increases sports performance.

The regular use of IMPACT FREE allows to practice running with satisfaction because it improves from 10 to 30 % the critical distance of an individual, where by critical distance we mean the distance exceeded which clearly increases the probability of injury physiologically related to micro-trauma and stress reactions in the tendon, muscle, bone or cartilage levels.

It should be stressed that the negative effects of the return energy are so low that it is difficult to carry out diagnostic tests; if an individual, in any case, points to distances greater than his individual critical distance before recovering his or her physical condition, he or she will be a chronically injured subject.

Helps post-trauma functional recovery.

IMPACT FREE can also play an important role in convalescence and full rehabilitation following trauma to joints, muscles or tendons. It should not be underestimated that only a partial recovery to the injured parties puts the subject in a weak and fragile position because new traumas are more likely to occur.

Preserves health and mitigates age-related pain.

Designed for everyday use and for all sports.

IMPACT FREE is highly recommended in cases where there is a certain degree of joint stresses.

In the sports field, for example, the need to reduce the traumatism of the race — in running, but also in football or basketball — and, as a consequence, the post-training pains, is all the more important the more the starting shoe does not ensure optimal protection because it is not highly professional.

In the workplace, for the categories of workers (warehouse staff, waiters, nurses, etc.) who are particularly exposed to standing long or to traveling long distances; in the generational context, for young people over the age of 12, in the development and joint extension phase and for the elderly, more fragile and sensitive.

Ultra-light, ultra-thin and non-deformable

IMPACT FREE is 1 mm thick and weighs 10 g.

Versatile for each type of shoe, it must be inserted between the shoe's sole and the original or replacement shoe insole, for full and additional protection against stresses and fatigue

The open cells BUFFER® membrane ensures a very good transpiration

Class I Medical Device deductible for tax purposes

Class I Medical Device according to the new EU Regulation (MDR) 2017/745.
Deductible for tax purposes for a value of 19 % of the purchase price.

To be entitled to the deduction, it is necessary to keep:
• the receipt or invoice showing the wording “Class I Medical Device” and the tax code of the person benefiting from the deduction (make sure at the time of purchase)
• the packaging bearing the CE mark
• the payment must be traceable

Use directions, technical data and storage instructions are indicated in the instructions for use.

MICROBAN® antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of bacteria, moulds and fungi and the resulting occurrence of smell and stain

A study has recently been conducted to determine the effect that MICROBAN® odour management has on bacteria that cause bad smells.

Two samples were tested: one with MICROBAN® anti-odour protection and one unprotected. The samples were inoculated with bacteria and the smell of bacteria was measured over a six-hour incubation period. The sample with MICROBAN® generated more than 250 times less bad smells after a period of six hours compared to the unprotected sample, and the protected sample remained significantly fresh throughout the period of the test.

The BUFFER® membrane with Microban®, being inherently cleaner, fresher and more hygienic, can be used longer

Hand washable and reusable

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One measure, it can be cut according to the desired size (36-46) along the dotted lines


BUFFER® membrane insoles are very comfortable to insert under the insole of the shoe ... Personally I have one in the race shoe and one in the training shoe and I must say that after a month the small pains in my back were relieved. I push a lot with my foot especially when I race and the BUFFER® membrane insole really works in not losing any foot’s efficiency at all, on the contrary, it gives the comfort that when running for long, above all on asphalt, is a pleasure. Moreover, to conclude, the tensions that I felt along the whole foot arch are practically gone and I can finally make a complete foot roll.
Special thanks for giving me these insoles to be used faithfully in races and training”

Vincenzo Scuro, Runner athlete of FIDAL (the Italian Athletics Federation)


Unmatched pressure relief

EQUILIBRIUM is an EVA insole designed following the contours of the feet to support them in the correct natural position.
Today's trend of walking on hard surfaces, compared to the one of walking barefoot on soft and uneven surfaces (such as earth, sand and grass), leads, as a consequence more and more frequent, the inability to distribute pressure evenly over the entire sole of the foot.

EQUILIBRIUM acts on two fronts: it supports the longitudinal arch, ensuring the necessary alignment to reduce overpronation and cushions, transferring pressure away from high impact areas. By respecting the morphology and ergonomics of the foot, it improves posture and balance, while the gait finds greater stability and uniformity of support. Therefore, the harmful stresses on the joints that contribute to many common pains in the plantar fascia, heel, knees, hips and back are prevented or reduced.

The insole is also sold in the ¾ length model to better adapt to shoes with a particular shape, elegant or narrow.

Designed for daily use and for all sports.


Ultra-light and non-deformable.

Excellent breathability thanks to EVA and FAST DRY fabric.

The insole has an excellent thermal behavior for the foot, since it keeps the foot temperature in the range of maximum comfort. Thus it decreases the maximum levels of sweating in the foot and almost completely eliminates the risk of epithelial lesions due to friction and pressure.

Better biomechanical quality of the insole.

The insole performs a biomechanical action working on two fronts.
• Being designed according to the natural three-dimensional contours of the foot, it transfers the weight of the subject along the physiological lines of the foot on which it should rest, unloading the areas burdened by more weight.
• Thanks to the innovative materials, it disperses the harmful and repetitive stresses perceived by the feet in the high impact areas, giving relief to the whole body and reducing foot injuries.

It therefore exerts an analgesic action by presenting a good reduction in damage to the joints of the ankle, knee and lumbar area as it attenuates vibrations and reduces the risk of joint pain during long-lasting activities (walking, running, etc.).

Better posture and support stability.

The insole shows a good improvement in the uniformity and stability of the foot support, with better results for people with a tendency to valgus or flat foot. This gain in uniformity and stability translates into a decrease in the muscle stabilization activity of the step, and, therefore, reduces muscle fatigue that can appear during long periods of activity (walking, running, etc.).

Indicated in case of:
- Posture defects such as valgus pronation syndrome (excessive rotation of the foot inwards and of the hindfoot outwards (fig. 1)) which causes the entire foot to fail with consequent changes in the support on the ground (flat foot with reduced or absent longitudinal arch (fig. 2)).
- Plantar fasciitis and pain in the sole of the foot.
- Metatarsalgia which causes pain localized to the front of the foot.
- Pain in the heel and ankles.
- Pain in the knees and hips.
- Lumbar back pain.
- Swelling in the ankles and feet, accompanied by a feeling of tiredness.
- Musculoskeletal problems in the feet.
- Loss of balance.
- Joint stiffness.
- Callous formations and cracked heels.

It prevents degenerative phenomena affecting the joints, muscles, bones and ligaments.

Versatile for any type of shoe. Available in three sizes, can be cut to perfectly adapt to the size and shape of each type of shoe.

Washable and reusable.


Article code: 899000310
Sizes: 37/39,5 - 40/42 - 42,5/45

Equilibrium ¾

Article code: 899000320
Sizes: 37/39,5 - 40/42 - 42,5/45


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